New Water Pressure Regulator

Yea, so I woke up this morning and while walking around the house I thought I heard the distinct sound that the water was running somewhere. I checked all the sinks and whatnot, and even checked the spickets outside, but I couldn’t find anywhere where the water was on. I called Josh Thompson and he said I probably better go into the crawl space to check things out. Sure enough, when i’m going in I hear the sound of water hitting the ground. Turns out that the Water Pressure Regulator Valve broke and was spewing water all over the place. Josh came over to help me and we turned off the main line and proceeded to take off the water regulator. The only place we could find a new one was at Home Depot. 3 hours after my initial trip into the crawl space we were up and running with a new regulator, and only down by $30. We found a really nice guy at Home Depot that said he hadn’t seen a Pressure reducing valve like mine in a long time, he pointed us right to the new one we needed. It must be the original one for our house when it was built in ’78. I got a Watts Regulator Water Pressure Reducing Valve,