What I like and dislike about Windows 10 Phone

Lumia 950 – 5.2″ Quad HD (AMOLED, 2560 x 1440), 6-core 1.8 Ghz proc, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB storage with up to 200 GB expandable with microSD, Dual SIM, 20 MP Camera

So if you are new to Windows Phone, you can refer to my post here on why I like Windows Phone better than iOS.  I recently have been playing around with Windows 10 Mobile on a Lumia 640 and a Lumia 950.  This post is mainly my running list of what has improved in Windows 10 Mobile over Windows Phone 8.1 and listing what current cons and issues I have.

Pros over Windows Phone 8.1

  • Hey Cortana with learn my voice or use any voice
    • Hey Cortana was only on select Windows Phone 8.1 devices
    • Learn my voice is new in Windows 10 Phone
  • Continuum (See video demonstration here)
    • Connect to a TV or monitor as a second larger screen to do work on

      Windows Hello - Iris Recognition
      Windows Hello – Iris Recognition
    • Use phone as mouse and keyboard or connect usb/bluetooth devices
  • Mouse support
  • Windows Hello (Only on some devices)
    • Iris recognition instead of typing a pin number
  • Outlook for email
    • Attach any files on device to emails
    • Attach from onedrive
  • Better organized settings
  • Keyboard joystick
    • Dot near z and x to easily move the cursor around
  • Notification text and facebook inline reply
  • Voice dictation built into keyboard
  • Don’t forget when powering off
    • Displays a reminder of your next appointment when you power off the device

      Notification inline reply, keyboard joystick, voice dictation easily accessible on keyboard
      Notification inline reply, keyboard joystick, voice dictation easily accessible on keyboard
  • Call Recording
  • Fast USB-C charging (only on some devices)
    • 50% in 30 mins

Cons/Current issues

  • NTLM passwords aren’t saved in Edge
  • Can’t connect to NTLM auth OneNote
  • Excel, PowerPoint and Word can’t connect to on-prem NTLM SharePoint
  • Airwatch blocks SD card – Confirmed bug with airwatch
  • Airwatch doesn’t install cert chain – Maybe fixed with a newer build
  • Cannot open EML attachment in email – Fixed in Outlook Mail 17.6868.41032.0
  • Continuum
  • Option to only try Windows Hello when unlock is needed
    • Right now Hello will get locked out from too many attempts because of notifications (email, text, etc)
  • Facebook app needs additional features and bug fixes
    • Live tile not working – Better in
    • Pinned pages don’t show notifications on live tile
    • Some types of content don’t display correctly
      Windows Hello tries too much and ends up locking itself out
      Windows Hello tries too much and ends up locking itself out
      • Memories
      • Birthday rollups
  • Battery life
    • Better after installing 10586.63
  • Dual Sim
    • No Visual voicemail on dual sim devices – Fixed in 14267.1004
    • Should be a way to hide 2nd sim when not used in dual sim
    • No vibrate on answer on dual sim devices – Fixed in 14283
  • OneDrive doesn’t connect to on-prem SharePoint
  • Live lock screen app from 8.1 isn’t available
  • Edge does not change to desktop user agent when used on continuum
    • Whatever screen the tab is opened in is the user agent that will be used
  • Random reboots (a lot less after 10586.63)
    • Seemed to happen a lot more at my office.  The following things are potentially different at my office vs at home.
      • Bluetooth devices
      • AT&T Microcell – Often after it reboots it says that my carrier has changed my SIM settings and I need to restart again.
      • Wireless charging
    • Kids corner (Fixed since 10586.71)
      • Since 10586.63, I’ve tried going to kids corner several times from the lock screen and the phone will freeze and eventually reboot.  I have since figured out if I don’t try to hold it up to my face and let windows hello to attempt to sign me in, then I can go into kids corner successfully.  It seems to be the combination of windows hello attempting to read my iris’s while I’m going to kids corner which locks it up.