XBOX 360

So my parents were able to find an XBOX 360 to give me for Christmas. Here’s how it went down. They’d been checking best buy and other gaming places with no luck. On the 23rd of Dec. my dad went to Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem to get some things. He stopped by at several gaming places in the mall and one said their next shipment was in January, the other said April. But one of the places informed my dad that Sears, Toys R Us and Best Buy all received shipments recently. My dad went to sears and they said that they sold out in an hour and a half YESTERDAY. So my dad decided to go to Best Buy thinking that it opened at 10 he’d get there a little before it opened and maybe be able to get one. He gets to Best Buy and they are aready open (holiday hours) and my dad walks in and walks up to the XBOX 360 table near the front door and asks when they will receive their next shipment. They said they have one, it’s the LAST ONE. So my dad was able to get the last XBOX 360 console system (not the core system) at the Best Buy in Winston-Salem, 2 days before Christmas.

Check out my status in the games i’m playing below.

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